Ivan V. Zmitrovich – D.Sc. in Biology, Leading Researcher, Laboratory of Systematics and Geography of the Fungi, Komarov Botanical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Saint Petersburg, Russia, e-mail: iv_zmitrovich@mail.ru; https://www.binran.ru/en/sotrudniki/4926/; https://ivzmitrovich.wixsite.com/iv-zmitrovich

Vladimir V. Perelygin – D.Sc. in Medicine (MD), Professor, Head of the Industrial Ecology Department, Saint Petersburg State Chemical and Pharmaceutical University, Saint Petersburg, Russia, vladimir.pereligin@pharminnotech.com; http://eco.pharminnotech.com/sotrudniki-kafedry/perlygin-vladimir-veniaminovich; https://journals.eco-vector.com/PharmForm/index

Mikhail V. Zharikov – Master Student, Saint Petersburg State Chemical and Pharmaceutical University, Saint Petersburg, Russia, zharikov.mihail@pharminnotech.com; https://journals.eco-vector.com/PharmForm/index
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Megataxonomy & Evolution
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Biotechnology & Phytopharmacology