Anaerobic or microaerophilic, either with modified mitochondria that lack cristae, are nonrespiratory, and lack a genome (e.g. hydrogenosomes or mitosomes), or without mitochondria; mostly ciliated cells, ancestrally with four kinetosomes per kinetid, though a great variation exists; some free-living, many endobiotic, some parasitic. It is possible, this is a long branches assemblage in phylogenomic scale (Strassert et al., 2021). A previous position is a basal to Discoba (Diaphoretickes, not Amorphea) (Adl., 2018).

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• AMORPHEA [Adl et al., 2012]
•• LOUKOZOA [Cavalier-Smith, 2013]
••• Malawimonadea [Cavalier-Smith, 2003]
••• Metamonada [sensu Cavalier-Smith, 2003]
•••• Anaeromonada [Cavalier-Smith, 1997]
••••Trichozoa [Cavalier-Smith, 2003]
••• Ancyromonadida [Cavalier-Smith, 2013]

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••• ~ Infrakingdom
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