Cryptomonads are characterized by oval cell of constant shape, obliquely cut at the anterior end, with a pronounced ventral groove, equipped at the anterior end in the region of the pharynx with two flagella – long, bearing two rows of simple mastigonemes and short, bearing one row of mastigonemes and two apical filaments. Mitochondria with flat cristae. Plastids of autotrophic forms contain a nucleomorph, chlorophylls a and c, as well as a number of additional pigments (phycoerythrin, phycocyanins). There are primary colorless (Goniomonas) and secondarily colorless (Chilomonas) cryptomonads. Katablepharids are heterotrophic flagellates the structural plan of which is comparable to that of cryptomonads, but differs in a more developed digestive apparatus, the nature of the flagellar membrane, and tubular mitochondrial cristae.
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• DIAPHORETICKES [Adl et al., 2012]
•• Cryptista [Adl et al., 2018]
••• Palpitomonadophyta [Yabuki et al., 2014] ined.
••• Cryptophyta [Silva, 1962]
•••• Cryptophyceae [Pascher, 1914]
•••• Cyathomonadophyceae [Pringsheim, 1944] ined.
•••• Kathablepharidophyceae [Skuja, 1939] ined.

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